Monday, October 22, 2012

Warhammer - New FAQ's out

Games Workshop have just released a whole big sackful of FAQ's, with some fairly major changes. The biggest one is the changes to overrun as far as I can see. Now, any unit with the daemonic instability or unstable rule, or war machines failing a break test don't grant an overrun if the unit is destroyed as a result of these rules effects. Massive. I'm very surprised that the ruling went this way, it makes daemons and vampire counts units more powerful, and it's going to be much harder to roll an artillery line. I can see my single spirit hosts getting more table time and small dire wolf units making a triumphant return.

There's a pile more changes, monstrous cavalry now use the monsters toughness, and from the other FAQ's, nice titbits are the banshee can now scream into a combat she's not in, which clears that up. There's also a nice change for the tomb kings in that units with the entombed beneath the sands rule can now choose to deploy normally. Every little helps, I guess.

Get the FAQ's here.

Bad Dice Daily review the FAQ's today on episode 111.

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