Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mantic - Ogres Incoming

Mantic's ogres are on the way. Mantic had some of the new sculpts from their kickstarter on display at their open day. I have to say, they look good. The heads are very good indeed, I wonder if they'll be available as bits? I could see them selling very nicely. It might be the angle, but the ogre with the great axe looks like he needs a wee. Apart from that though, he looks like a nice sculpt. I have high hopes for the werewolves. If they are as good as the ogres look like they are going to be I'll be having some for certain.


  1. I like how the faces are heading.. this is a good thing, but immediately upon seeing this photo I though "Large Orc body". It reminds me too much of the Orc body style, but recreated up to the Ogre size. I know it is Mantic's style just from looking at it, but still would have liked it to be a bit more dynamic if possible. Let's see how the rest go though!

  2. I like the look of them, especially the faces. Not as keen on the short legs though.


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