Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fireforge Games - Medieval Infantry

I just spotted these over at Wargame News and Terrain, a rather tasty box of medieval infantry. Beside their obvious historical uses, they are perfect for those Bretonnian players looking to bulk out the men at arms. At €35 for 48 models, you can't argue with the value, and they look to be nice models from what I can see on the site. They have a lot of options, spears, crossbows, swords, axes and maces. From my point of view a box of these and a box of skeleton warriors and you'd have great fun kit-bashing a unit of armoured skeletons or zombies for your vampire counts armies.

Check them out at Fireforge games. There are also mounted sergeants, Teutonic knights and Templar knights, so you could pretty much build your whole Bretonnian army there bar a few extras.


  1. Great find there! Could be good for small dioramas as well! They look the part for most things in the medival setting indeed though.

  2. They are historical in scale, I've done a review of the knights on my blog and did compare them to a Bret. There is a large difference between GW 28mm and historical 28mm. They are slightly larger than the Perry's crusaders which are supposed to be 25mm. That said they are far nicer looking than GW's Brets in my opinion.

  3. I think they look a lot better than the GW men at arms. There's always the scale issue with historical minis mixing with fantasy, but GW do seem to be turning from heroic proportions to more realistically scaled models. I'd be willing to overlook the odd millimetre for better looking units all the same.

  4. I plan to build a whole army of them for historical gaming, and depending on if and when there is another Bret book I may play them as a crossover army.

  5. Hi, thanks for the link if somebody is interested reviews of all the mounted sets can be found here:



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