Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fimir - Army Building

With the fimir army coming back on track, it's time to take stock. I have just under four months to get the army to two thousand points in time for it's inaugural tournament as a full fimir force. I've already been grudged for match one, so the pressure is on.

I've been tinkering with the list a little to fit in what I want to get done. The list is very much being considered from a painting point of view, so I don't hold out a lot of hope for top table glory. I'll need to paint a few more units for that. Here's where we stand thus far:

  • Twenty fimir warriors (chaos warriors)
  • Eighteen half-dead (chosen) 99% there.
  • Meargh - (daemon prince)
 To Do
  • Tuatha chariot - (chaos chariot) I'm using a Celtos chariot as it's nice and chunky. I'm going to replace the human passenger with a fimir noble carrying a spear or man catcher. The driver will be a human tribesman.
  • War hounds - (chaos hounds) I have two units of  five hounds to do. I'm using the old Citadel chaos hounds from the 1980's here, as they look good. Each unit will have a Tuatha handler.
  • Fimir noble clan standard bearer - (chaos hero battle standard bearer) I have to assemble this guy yet. I'm wondering what kind of standard, a flag or maybe some relic of the tribe mounted on a pole. It'll need to be pretty groovy, one way or the other.
  • Marlwyrm riders - (skull crushers) There are four of these lads to do. I have one built. They are probably the most time consuming unit left to do.
So, not impossible, but I'll be busy! I do have plans if time permits to add another daemon prince. I have two ideas here. One is a daemon of Fimul, essentially a possessed fimir or human grown to giant proportions with the worm-like daemon residing in the empty torso, it's head poking out where the victim's head once was. The other is Balor, based on the mutants from the chaos warshine kit. I'd need to add a fimir head, tail, belly shield and some weapons and armour. He would have the burning eye, so I'll model an incinerated victim on his base as well. Not sure which one to go for...

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