Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fimir - Daemons of Fimul

Last year I pledged to the Assimilation Alien Host kickstarter, which was producing a series of models almost perfect for some of the units I wanted to add to the fimir once the base army is done. Things were pretty quiet once the KS ended, and for a time folks were getting pretty fed up with the lack of updates as the most of the updates appearing were ones apologising for lack of progress. Then, just as the levels of impatience were approaching rage quit, the creator (Ed Fortae of Trollforged) re-appeared with some new sculpts, and things look like they are getting back on track, fingers crossed.

Anyhow, the model above from the latest update is based on the concept work that got me to pledge in the first place. It's a human infected by the mother of all tape worms. For myself, seeing as I'm going with the wormy theme with the fimir, a human possessed by a daemon of Fimul (which are all worms of one type of another) seems pretty plausible. I'm probably going to use these lads as either part of my warped ones (forsaken unit) or perhaps as spawn. They are gloriously disgusting, and I'll be painting them to make them even more revolting.

Now I just need Ed to cast the bloody things.

Wayland Games

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