Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fimir - What's on the Table

Just a quick post to reiterate that the fimir are still very much in progress, in case anyone was worried what with all the genestealer cult talk lately...

At the moment I'm just finishing the last of the half dead. I have some basing to finish, and then they're done! I'm very happy with them, and I'm looking forward to popping their cherry on the tabletop.

Just hitting the painting table are the first of the marlwyrm monstrous cavalry. I'm considering how to paint the shields of the fimir riders. Some of the results of the verdigris effects I tried on the half dead should work great on the detail on the shields, which are from Scibor. I also have some drool techniques using various plastic glues to test before I apply them to the maw of the wyrms. Fun times!

Wayland Games

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