Friday, June 21, 2013

The Cult - Mechanicus Hybrids

The wheels in my brain continue to turn as I'm getting a handle on how I want the cult to look. I still need to settle on a list. Currently the chaos space marine codex looks appealing, as it does not require huge amounts of figures, and I  can add in some renegades later on. (I've still not given up on the renegade/cult idea) The new mutilators entry in the book is perfect for huge hybrids, and so on.

But for now, it's all about fashion. I want to combine the mechanicus and cult looks together, plus a dash of chaos to spice. This could easily look over the top, so it's carefully does it. To that end, I dug out some conversion I did some years back that might fit the bill for the army aesthetic.

These would be 3rd gen hybrids that have been altered. (Note the third arm socket) I like the idea of taking something as gooey and biological as the genestealers and adding technology. I may pick up some servitors and hybrid them up. These two boys would need some update work, mostly clean-up and decent bases, but I might replace one of the arms with a stealer arm to tie them back into the cult. What they would count as, no clue!

Wayland Games

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