Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fimir - Avagdu

After finishing the first marlworm I thought I'd complete one of the characters for the army, Avagdu. He's been assembled for some while, and it was past time he got some paint. In gaming terms he'll operate as a low level wizard, and as a character I thought those big shoulder pads needed something more, so a bit of Celtic style freehand was in order. I added the name of the meargh who controls Avagdu in ogham to the back of the stone. Yeah? Too much you say? No way I reply.

Now, there's a pile of tentacles that need some red wash...


  1. I love your painting style dude this is awesome!

  2. He looks excellent. Great painting.

  3. Looks so much nicer painted than he did as bare metal. Good work!

  4. It's a conversion I assume? Great paintjob and a bit of freehand always that xtra bit. /Hans

  5. Thanks folks. He's had very little conversion actually, just the tail and a little green stuff to fix some bad casting around his neck and back.


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