Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Passing the Torch - Son of Saturday

On holidays last week, we came across the town of Macroom in county Cork. As we were nearing the town long dormant Neurons flared into life and the realisation dawned that the Prince August visitors centre was in said town. Casually remarking on this fact in as nonchalant a way as I could muster, I was met with the delightful response of "Why don't we go see it?" and so we were off. Honestly though, my wife did actually suggest it a couple of days earlier but it wasn't something that we thought we'd be in the area for. Thanks to an unexpected fair in Kenmare we ended up changing our route and bingo, hobby bonanza time.

Once we arrived I was met with cabinets of painted minis and every hobbyists fantasy, large piles of blisters and boxes on sale at really low prices. While I was mining the boxed set bin, my eldest was drawn over to watch the demonstration of casting miniatures. I hadn't banked on him being so interested, but he was fascinated. Before I knew it he was casting his own Karoliner Musketeer and making for the painting station. Choosing paints and brushes like a twenty year veteran, he painted up his primed mini with great concentration. Simultaneously taken aback and awash with pride at his ability I had long since abandoned the mini hunt and watched him finish his first mini.


(I still managed to bag some bargains later on. Heh.)

Wayland Games

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