Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fimir - Crom Cruach

After sitting on my painting desk for some time awaiting his turn, Crom is finally done. He will eventually have a larger base he sits into so he can be used as either a gorebeast chariot or a hellcannon.

I used the same colour scheme on Crom as I used on the marlwyrm. I started using GW bloodletter glaze, recently, starting with this guy. Great stuff. If the other GW glazes are as good I'll be picking them up. I found a slightly better glue to use for drool too, a super cheap glue called Capitol, from the 'just what you need' range. Faster drying and more elastic than UHU, it even allowed me to suspend a skull hanging from several of Crom's tentacles.

Next up, more marlwyrm riders and some war dogs.

Wayland Games

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