Friday, August 2, 2013

Kickstarter - ArcWorlde

The Warploque Miniatures kickstarter for ArcWorlde has just gone live and is already nearly 200% funded. I've been a fan of Warploque for some time, so I'm definitely in on this. The undead pirates are just wonderful, but most of the Warploque miniatures are great in my opinion. There are four starting warbands with stretch additions added already. The hardback rulebook from what I can see so far looks very pretty, hopefully the contents are as delicious. Worth a look.


  1. Dammit - you put me onto that little Martian kickstarter and now this!

    I've been eyeing up those Deatrh Kiwis of his for some time for my Lustria project...

    1. Heh! Yeah, I've been hovering over the buy button on those pirates for some time, looks like this is the opportunity. I hope the undead ogre makes an appearance as an add-on at some juncture, it's fantastic.

    2. Don't know if you following the KS Thant, but the death kiwi is now an add on...


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