Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fimir - 2000 points Done and Dusted

That's right, I've made it to 2000 points. I can hardly believe I got this far. It's been a long project.

I kicked off this army in 2011 with a test model, the fimir from the old Heroquest game. I then wrestled with the conundrum of building human size fimm warriors, eventually having to make my own heads and a multitude of bits and green stuffery to make the fimm the way I wanted. In the end there were only seven models in the army that have not been converted.

I've had breaks from the project for months at a time, but it's been my main hobby project for nearly three years. This give you some indication of how slow I am at this. It's been really fun though, I've had the notion to do a fimir army for years, and now they're ready to go to war.

Of course, this is only the beginning...
The marlryrms and the half dead
The fimm and war hounds
The meargh, shearl wizard and Crom
Cahan - War Hounds

Wayland Games

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