Monday, September 23, 2013

Fimir - Marlwyrm Riders, Update 9

As NWG looms ever closer, it's starting to look like I might get this army done in time after all. Two more marlwyrms join their previously completed brother to bring the unit up to three. The ogre parts I had hoarded were a Godsend, providing the musician's horn, the mantrap, bags, body parts and other bits and bobs. Scibor's Celtic shields really did the trick too. For now, the unit is complete, though I will add a fourth wyrm later on, the Gáe Bulg wielding Brodar. I have to locate an appropriate barbed spear head.

On the painting table at the moment are five hounds. The colour scheme is based off Celtic mastiffs, and it does look pretty cool if a little fiddly. I have some base work and detailing left to do, then it's the army packing headache and we're off to blood the Fir Domhan at their first tourney as a full army.

Here a couple more images of the completed musician and standard bearer.

Wayland Games

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