Monday, September 16, 2013

Fimir - Marlwyrm Riders, Update 8

The pre-NWG painting frenzy continues. Two more marlwyrms are now complete and awaiting riders. I did rather enjoy painting the tiny version of Crom on the base of the guy on the right. I love adding those little details. They've just been given a coat of gloss before the matt is applied. It's usually when I'm putting the coat of gloss on I spot any little mistakes, and these lads were no exception, so there's a little touching up to do before the matt goes on. (Then more gloss on the pustules, then moss and grass on the base, then water effects, then drool...) I now have eleven days to paint the two riders and five war hounds and I find I'm looking up dog marking patterns for Celtic mastiffs.

I really must love punishing myself.

Wayland Games

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