Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fimir - Dirach Grunsgul, Update 1

Since I decided that my floating rock plinth needed a dedicated rider, I thought I'd use the the opportunity to build a human size dirach. I don't want him stuck on the plinth, so I'm going to magnetise him to it, and make another magnetized 25x25mm base for him should I want to field him on foot. This comes of the back of some salient advice from the various forums. Indeed, the idea for the model to use as a dirach came from Chico of Oldhammer on a Budget, who is a bit of a fimir fan as well.

As you can see, I've converted the head to make him a bit more dirachy. It's a really characterful head, and it suits the horns which serve to lengthen the face even more. I may convert the tail too, as dirach have smooth tails. (It does dawn on me that most folks won't know what the hell a dirach even is, let alone what kind of tail he has, or why I needed to add horns. Just go with it. It'll be grand.)

He's going to have a familiar on the plinth with him, a scroll carrier to help the ageing fimir remember his spells. I can feel a back story coalescing already. Anyhow, I'm going to use this little fella, who has been sitting in a box for years awaiting some attention.

I'll probably add a little paraphernalia to the plinth too, some scrolls and such to add a little more detail. To think this all started out as a base extender...

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