Thursday, December 19, 2013

Metal Beards - Steampunk Style Dwarf Army Kickstarter

Titan Forge have launched a new kickstarter to fund their steampunk style dwarf army. It's already full past funded with 30 days to go. Titan Forge have done some great stuff in the past, the Drakskull Menace undead orc and Bloodsail Island ogre ranges, both of which are excellent.

This particular range looks really good. Essentially a mechanical dwarf army with the addition of giant golems and such. Where the interest really lies for me is the additions of 'evil dwarf' versions of the army, including mechanical cavalry and hopefully monstrous infantry size versions of the larger dwarf mechanicals. While I have an idea what I'd like to use for fireborn in my chaos dwarf army, these guys have piqued my interest something fierce.

So, with the rumours of the new dwarf book's upcoming release getting more certain, it would be a good time to give this a look.

Wayland Games

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