Monday, December 2, 2013

Oakbound Games - Marsh Demons

The weekend before last a fellow oldhammerer (Just John) handed me a package of miniatures from a new company, Oakbound Games.  My interest was considerable as the first range to be released from Oakbound are their marsh daemons, who bear more than a passing resemblance to my personal obsession, the fimir. You can get more information here.

They are the first range for an upcoming roleplay system called The Woods, an open source RPG available from next year as free downloads. More on that here.With more than a nod to the aesthetic of films like the Dark Crystal, these sculpts appealed to me at once. I picked up the majority of the range, and once I had them in my grubby paws I assembled them with some blu-tack to get an idea of scale, and what manner of use I will put them to in various units. You can see some here next to an old school fianna fimm on the far right.

The models range in size, some are the equivalent of the larger fimm and could easily be mounted on 40x40 millimetre bases. Others are quite comfy on 25x25 bases. This suits me perfectly. They come without weapons, which can be ordered separately, but I plan on converting up my own, probably bases on chaos/ogre weapons. There is some minor flash on the figures, but overall they are very clean sculpts. They don't have the wealth of detail of the Forge World fimir, but they do have a ton of character and hey, fimir command models, what's not to love?

This brings me onto my 2 favourite models. First and foremost is this fimm piper. I just goddam love this model. I love it. A fimm bagpiper is an inspired notion. He'll be going in the next unit that needs a musician, probably my second fimm unit.

The other fellow is the standard bearer. He looks like a gnarly, veteran, somewhat cranky fimm, and as I'm in the market for a battle standard bearer, he's just what I'm after. All respect to Geoff Sims, the man behind Oakbound, and the very fine Fimm McCool's Games Orkshop blog, but I'll most likely convert him with a much larger banner. He's top of the list as soon as I finish what I'm working on at the moment.

The other models I picked up were a Tiarna (hero), two clubtails (fimm/fianna fimm) and a thrall (shearl). The thrall is quite small and would make a good juvenile fimir or young shearl. There's also a mystery figure, which turns out to be a kelpie. It's a creeepy mini.

All in all a very nice wee range that I'd recommend to anyone interested in the fimir, or just some different and interesting models to add to their collection.

Wayland Games

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