Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heroquest - 25th Anniversary Edition

Gamezone have opened a 25th Anniversary Edition of Heroquest on Kickstarter. Check it out here. This hits the nostalgia button right on the nose for me, and obviously a lot of others too. I still have my original which makes me go misty-eyed every time I open it. From what I can see so far, its looks really good, but there's been little in the way of communication from Gamezone despite already busted their funding goal wide open. At the time of writing they are over $272,000 pledged for a $58,000 goal. Granted the kickstarter has just started, and Gamezone might have been surprised by the flood of pledges.

If they can get a handle on things though, and release a steady stream of updates and stretch goals, this is going to be a BIG one folks.

Wayland Games

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