Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mars Attacks - Last Few Days

The Mars Attacks Kickstarter is entering it's last few days, and today's update adds another dollop of cool to an already overloaded wodge of amazeballs. Mantic have announced the long awaited giant mutant bug and handler will be unlocked at $500,000. The rather nice thing here is that they are adding it free the 'Invaders Arrive' pledge of $150 and 3 of them to the 'Alien Abduction' and 'Bloodshed on the Battlefield' pledges of $300, which is pretty great. Behold it's chittery glory below.

Mutant Ant
Science Division Bug Handler
This is in addition to the Martian supreme regent added free to the $100 pledge yesterday, and the Martian standard bearer added free to pledges of $300 up. From $500,000 through $550,000 they will add a heavy weapon option to the Novas Vira and more free figures to bulk out the units. After this Mantic have alluded to variations on the bug and the giant robot.

The first of the Novas Vira renders have also surfaced. Pretty sweet.

This broken pillar is so cool the way it moves when I do.

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