Friday, November 15, 2013

Genestealer Cult - Digital Codex?

"What's that? A real codex you say?!"
For those of you out there who are fellow devotees of the Cult, you've probably fantasized about Games Workshop releasing an official list. It seems the digital codex might not be a pipe dream after all. I'm sure there are many gamers out there on their knees praying that this rumour is true, myself amongst them. The mere thought of an  official genestealer cult codex is enough to send me into rapture. I haven't played 40k in an aeon, but if this were to come to pass I'd be reading the latest 40k rules the next day.

I hear on the gaming grapevine that this is indeed the case, and it comes from pretty close to the source. Now, as with all rumour, this is just that. But it's very, very promising.

I guess the cost of hybrids on ebay will soar to even higher levels. I doubt GW would bring out any new kits, but can you imagine a hybrid kit? Oh lordy.

Wayland Games

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