Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fimir - Floating Stone Plinth

Right at the moment I'm modelling up some bits and pieces to round off the two thousand point fimir army. Some, like three move trays are killing me, but one is done now, thank the powers. Some more hounds, another marlwyrm, a large base for Crom and so on.

I took a break from painting moss on move trays to do something a little more interesting. I've been meaning to build a 50x50 base for the meargh for a while now, both to increase her stature when she masquerades as a daemon prince and to give me an option to mount a hero on a disk. I've gone for a stone slab, pulled up from the swamp and powered by a wyrd stone. It's almost modelled here, I need to add more trailing mossy stuff to the underside and work the tilting marker stone into the base. I'll be putting a 25x25 piece of adhesive steel sheet on the top so I can attach either the meargh or another character as need and whim dictate.

Wayland Games

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