Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Basing - Multiple Roles for a Single Model

Lately I've been creating a lot of bases. I like basing in general, and the basing scheme for my fimir includes a lot of opportunity to go nuts with sexy basing. I especially enjoy adding the tinted water effects to a base to see how the objects half-submerged are affected by the water.

While making up a new base for my meargh when I want her to sport a 50x50 base, I decided to use a 25x25 piece of adhesive steel to fix her in place. She's on a 40x40 in case she needs to pull duty as a monstrous character of if I want to use her as part of a 3rd ed force, but I'm using a 25x25 piece of steel in case I want an infantry sized fimir character to use the same plinth as a disk or daemonic mount.

Johnny Hastings' Bull Ogre chariot
This got me thinking about how common it is to give models multiple roles using base add-ons and such. I've seen beastman chariots (see above) where the tuskgors slot out and can be replaced with razorgors, and terrorgheists where a space is left on the base to add a ghoul king, but generally it seems uncommon to jiggle basing about like this, though would seem to make sense in terms of options available, and for a 'counts as' army like mine means I get more out of the models I have finished.

Take my gorebeast chariot/hell cannon for example. I use the gooey gent above as both. Right now I'm working on the large hellcannon size base, with magnetised slots for the smaller 100x50 base he's on to fit into. There are also 20x20 slots for the three maggot 'crew' to sit into. 'What if you want a gorebeast chariot AND a hellcannon matey?' I hear you wail. Well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I'll probably do the same with the marlbeast mount (daemonic mount) I'm planning. He's on a 50x50, but if I want him to work as a marlwyrm (juggernaut) mount, I'll add a 50x25 spacer to the back of the move tray he's in, or cut a steel sheet to 50x75 that he and the spacer can sit on if he's off on his own.

I'd love to see more examples of this kind of tomfoolery, so if anyone has seen more, lay it on me.


  1. Though I don't play a lot with basesizes, I do play a lot with rare earth magnets to change the options (heads, arms) or simply to have both a mounted and unmounted version of the same character.
    It can also be a good way to change a model designed for battle into one for Roleplay purposes by just removing an arm with weapon for an unarmed one.
    I can link to my blog for proper examples if needs be.


    1. I haven't had a need to magnetise models arms etc much thus far, but I have a couple coming up that would benefit from it. Link away!

    2. Well, my 2013 version of Kaleb Daark :

      A 40k forge fiend :

      I also have a bretonnian knight on the oldhammer forum with 3 different arm options to hols either lance, sword or a hawk.

      My plastic plague cart also has magnets to change for either options, this is endless.

  2. Putting a bit of thought and up front planning into modular basing is well worth the effort if you can get more mileage out of your finished models especially if it is likely you will do any competitive gaming.

    I am a fan of rare earth magnets for this kind of shenaigans.

    Friend and fellow Irishman Sho3box (Cheetor) has a decent step by step at how he magnetized his balls.


    I like to use magnetic strip for some things - not as powerful as the rare earth magnets by a long ways but readily available in DIY shops. Typically I use them as strip bases for epic minis (with a bit of green stuff for structural support) as I can then store them easily in metal boxes.

    1. Doh, forgot to link article:


    2. Cheers for the link. Boy, that man Cheetor sure can paint. Both well, and a lot. A man after my own heart regarding his taste in minis too. Where are you based? I'm over in Galway.

      I use magnetic strip on all my bases, both for storage and so they stay in their move trays, seems to make sense to use it for base add-ons too.

    3. He sure can churn it out. I think it's his ambition to turn himself into a high quality painting machine. I am based in Dublin and Cheetor is based in Skibareen in Cork. We might even get a game of 3rd Ed WHFB played some day when I get some more Slann done, it would be pretty retro cool to do a Fimir Vs. Slann battle during next year if you are up for it - god knows I will need some kind of motivation to do some work on them.

    4. You're on. It'll give me a kick up the hoop to paint my Fianna Fimm.

  3. Awesome. I better get off my jade throne and paint some frogmen. They have been waiting for some attention since the late 80's at this stage!


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