Monday, December 9, 2013

Fimir - Floating Altar

At the moment I'm still very much in the process of tidying up some loose ends with the fimir before I launch into any new units. One of the things I wanted to do was to make a small base extender for my meargh so she could be mounted on a 40x40mm base or a 50x50mm depending on how I was going to field her. Just a wee base add-on I said to myself. Texture the edge to match her 40x40mm base, paint it up, and done.

This is what I ended up with.

As you can see, the idea expanded a bit. Still some water effects to go on, but other than that, done. When I was digging through my bits box looking for interesting little bits for it, I thought hey, why don't I make it into more of a floating slab of rock magically torn from the bog. Then I could use it to give the meargh some height when she's pretending to be a daemon prince, or I could even magnetise the top so I could put other fimir characters there if I needed a disk rider. So that's the way it went.

 I was looking at it last night thinking while it's pretty versatile, does the base sitting on the stone look a bit weird? I've looked at it so much now I can't tell anymore. The other thing is the magnetic steel holds the magnetised base down well, but it's not going to take a major jostle. I have visions of my meargh taking an undignified tumble mid-game.

One thing I am thinking of is to just add a permanent rider to the plinth. A dirach, possibly. Then I could add some paraphernalia to the rock, a familiar, spell book or some other bits. The familiar would be especially appropriate for a dirach. Here's the model I'd be thinking of using, from Oakbound games. He'd need a little conversion, some horns and perhaps a weapon, but other than that he's pretty much bang on. His pose would work well as a rider.

I'd then work up the original base extender for the meargh, and lo, I'd have the meargh and a new mounted character.

Or, maybe I'm just making work for myself.

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