Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Hobby Kick Off

 After a rather hobby-free Christmas, I have taken up the sculpting tools once more. (I blame Warhammer Quest directly for this lack of progress) My poor neglected dirach finally got green stuffed and is ready for priming. I also cleaned up his diminutive familiar. I love old metal Citadel minis, but by hell, sometimes the flash, mould lines and general clean-up can be a nightmare. Thus it was with this guy. I suspect the mould was beginning to deteriorate when he was cast, as there was some miscast under his arm that required some serious elbow grease to remove. Now all that remains are some wizardly paraphernalia to add to the plinth. A book, a scroll, a cup or some bones should do it. I really want to get this guy done so I can get back to painting Crom's hellcannon base and maggoty crew.

I've also been looking at some Bloodbowl miniatures with an eye to building a new team. The Necromantic Rain Dogs have been a team of mine online for some time, mayhap it's time to make the jump to miniature form. I've been ogling Willy Miniatures' (wait, that sounds odd, doesn't it?) range of undead, in particular the wights and werewolves. The local game shop runs a Bloodbowl league, and it's time I got in on the action.

Ah yes, the hobby butterfly has been visiting.

Course, a fimir team would be a thing now, wouldn't it?

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