Monday, January 13, 2014

Metal Beards - Infernal Golem/K'daai Destroyer

Titan Forge continue to produce what looks like almost the entire chaos dwarf army (bar the hobgoblins) as part of the Metal Beard kickstarter. Yesterday they unveiled the latest addition to the Kashan Vra, the infernal golem, which is far and away the best attempt at a destroyer I've seen to date, including the images I've seen of the Forge World k'daai destroyer. Look at that thing. Look at the size of it. It's bleedin' huge.

It's coming in at 800 points on the Metal Beard points system, which translates into about £50ish quid if you take the £61 pledge. Pretty decent value considering the immensity of the model.

Titan Forge have also re-jigged the stretch goals, so now almost everything has been unlocked at the £20,000 stretch, including the chosen of Kashan Vra, which sound very much like k'daai fireborn. They are some very intriguing models left to unlock though, such as the ancestral zeppelin, the hell bulldozers (bull centaurs) and the maw of the mountain.

With only 5 days left, I hope they make the last couple of goals as for chaos dwarf players this is a great chance to get some really fantastic alternate models.

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