Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fimir - Dirach Grunsgul

After something of a break, the fimir train is leaving the station. The first one-eyed marsh fiend of the new year is a character, the aged dirach Grunsgul. Originally this model was merely a base extender for my meagh to giver her a 50x50mm base, but has somehow ballooned into an entirely new model. The meargh sitting on the floating rock just looked, well, lame, so I had to make a rider that would sit more naturally on the plinth. I also wanted to be able to use Grunsgul on foot. If I had to build a whole new character, I was going to get the most out of him. Thus it was time for magnets. I hadn't used them before, but once I'd located the appropriate drill bits all was well. The most nerve wracking moment was drilling into the already finished plinth with a power drill, but all went swimmingly.

The model is from Oakbound Games, with some small conversion work. I added horns, as befits a dirach, and also a torc on his arm and a tathlum (concrete balls on a chain) hanging from his belt.

On the plinth itself I added some more bits and pieces. A jawbone, book of spells and scroll, as well as the little familiar. Dirach are also known as daemonfriends, and have a particular daemon they forge a close alliance with. In this case the diminutive scroll carrier.

Now, I guess I better start on the actual base extender for the meargh then. Keep it simple, that's the ticket...

Wayland Games

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