Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fimir - Dirach Grunsgul

After something of a break, the fimir train is leaving the station. The first one-eyed marsh fiend of the new year is a character, the aged dirach Grunsgul. Originally this model was merely a base extender for my meagh to giver her a 50x50mm base, but has somehow ballooned into an entirely new model. The meargh sitting on the floating rock just looked, well, lame, so I had to make a rider that would sit more naturally on the plinth. I also wanted to be able to use Grunsgul on foot. If I had to build a whole new character, I was going to get the most out of him. Thus it was time for magnets. I hadn't used them before, but once I'd located the appropriate drill bits all was well. The most nerve wracking moment was drilling into the already finished plinth with a power drill, but all went swimmingly.

The model is from Oakbound Games, with some small conversion work. I added horns, as befits a dirach, and also a torc on his arm and a tathlum (concrete balls on a chain) hanging from his belt.

On the plinth itself I added some more bits and pieces. A jawbone, book of spells and scroll, as well as the little familiar. Dirach are also known as daemonfriends, and have a particular daemon they forge a close alliance with. In this case the diminutive scroll carrier.

Now, I guess I better start on the actual base extender for the meargh then. Keep it simple, that's the ticket...


  1. It looks amazing, really cool model. I like the addition of the Chaos Familiar and the books as well.. Great work as always!

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  3. Personaly I doesn't like the Chaos Familiar, I would prefer a daemonic familiar. Great work for the rest!

  4. Welcome to the wonderful and addictive world of magnets. Like hobbying, it starts out with one little model, and the next thing you know, you're magnetizing every option on the Terrorgheist kit... wheee!

    1. Yes, I can already see myself magnetising wings, weapons, arms...


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