Thursday, March 12, 2015

Genestealer Cult - Hierarch Mijur

Continuing on with the cult, I painted one of my all time favourite miniatures, the cult magus with scanner. He took some tracking down, but once I had this fellow it wasn't long before I had to paint him. As with many Olley sculpts he's a riot of gorgeous texture, and was a treat to paint. He painted up nicely in my adeptus mechanicus scheme, and has given me a need to paint more Olley cult models.

I've been collecting Rogue Trader robots of late, and this model connects them back to the cult. I gave him the name Mijur, as, well, his advanced communication device demanded it. Not everyone has an ultravox...

Here he is with his castellan friend. Ultimately he'll have one of each of the original robots under his command. Inbetween playing pong and updating his Facebook status. 'Fighting crumbling human resistance on Thelema with brood. The fools are doomed, lol.'


  1. I think that one might be some kind of a record Dave but then again it means nothing to me Vienna lol

  2. Wonderful work - I love the green inside the Magus' collar - very effective.

    1. Thanks Ace. That green has served me well over the course of the project.

  3. Excellent!


  4. He looks great. The sculpt is amusingly villainous. Villain middle management, maybe Cult HR.


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