Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Armies - Theme Models, Objective Markers and Extras

This is not a subject, one would imagine, that gets much attention. Usually the warhammer player is so engrossed in getting their army painted that by the time they have enough painted to field on the table they either call it a day or move on to a new army. That, of course, is if they get the army finished at all.

So, for those few who get the army done to their satisfaction, and wish to continue, there is another level of dementia to descend into. This would be adding such non-combatant or not totally necessary models to the army such as themed terrain, themed models, elaborate movement trays, army display boards, objective markers and so on. Producing most of these models means you have already achieved the glorious objective, the painted army.

Personally I love all this kind of paraphernalia, as it adds character to the army. I recently had the fortune to see a really excellent Goblin army with plenty of odd bits and bobs. There were some great themed models, such as a chariot (or was it a pump-wagon) on an actual spring, so it wobbled when moved, and a fanatic whose base concealed a battery so, you guessed it, you could make him spin!

Other models I've seen in this vein recently have been Retroalias' objective marker from The Magnificent Bastards blog. From the same blog,



  1. I love doing themed scenery and fluffy bits... in fact it's more satisfying than wading through an army a lot of the time! Sadly it's very easy to be distracted making the one-off, comical elements or characterful accessories and forget to finish off the army. 3rd ed had rules for capturing baggage trains which was just one of the really nice (but totally pointless) details which makes playing games of'classic' warhammer so much fun! That and being able to pretty much mix up races in an army based on alignment... all a bit less regimented back then! Love the egg carriers too, mid-game snack anybody? :)

  2. I think WFB armies *need* this kind of thing to make them feel complete. many armies are just blocks of troops, and it gets a bit dull looking. Adding objectives, little dioramas, or unique minis is the most fun aspects of the creating process too


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