Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fimir - Another Fimm & Finished Bloodmoon Raider

The next two fimm out of the swamp are done and dusted. I have some more almost done on the painting table, but I thought I'd pop these up in the meantime. The converted fimm is the most heavily armed one I've done thus far, with a helm and various other odds and ends of armour. His axe was an idea I got from Fimm of Fimm McCool's Games Orkshop. His fimm have converted dwarf weapons to give the fimm that Celtic vibe, and I unceremoniously stole the idea as it looks gooood.

The other fellow is an out of the blister bog raider from Bloodmoon Miniatures. They're having a bit of a re-jig at the moment, and are returning in the Summer. I picked a few of these lads up before I had decided on the road-to-madness savage orc idea, and I was loathe to leave them out altogether, so I have a few of them in the fimm units to give the unit more variety in pose, even if they are quite different from the converted fimm. Once hidden away in the unit they fit in pretty snugly.

Wayland Games

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