Friday, April 13, 2012

Chaos Dwarves - K'daai Fireborn up for Pre-Order

The new chaos dwarf k'daai fireborn are now up on the Warhammer Forge site for pre-order. They come in at £36 for a set of three, available from April 27th.

All we had previously were the photos from the Forge World open day, so it's nice to get some more close-up shots. I'm certainly leaning more toward liking these lads, the helmets are cool, and they seem to have a kind of metal skirt attached to their breastplates. I'd really love to see someone give these a good paint job, it would be quite the task with the flames to do them justice. I suspect they would look great.

I'm still not convinced to abandon my own idea of converting Warmachine jacks into fireborn, (bless you, game shop bargain bits bin) but I am casting a more glad eye on these fellows now.

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