Friday, April 6, 2012

Fimir - Axes and Bloodmoons

I've started another batch of fimm warriors. In this batch are the first of the few Bloodmoon Miniatures 'bog raiders' that I'm sprinkling into the unit for a little variety. They area little different from the savage orc conversions that make up the bulk of the unit, but I like them, and the army can weather a little difference from fimir to fimir, I think. Far from being a purist about it, I in fact like that some fimir are larger (the fianna fimm) some bulkier, others leaner, that there's a variety in digits, tails and so on. Nothing crazy now, no two-headed fimir, that would be too chaotic, and the fimir in question would most likely end up killed and burned by his clan, but just a little leeway in physical appearance is fine and dandy. When you're desperately scraping about for enough miniatures to make up an army, I find a little give and take helps!

The second fimm here is more heavily armoured than those I've done before. He's the first fimir I've used the helmeted head variant on, and I've given him a converted (dwarf) axe for a more Celtic look, as well as various straps and other bits of armour. Hopefully once painted the helmet will look the part.


  1. Liking the helmeted head there, looking forward to seeing it from other angles. Not especially keen on the bog raiders myself, their musculature looks all wrong and their heads are too crocodilian, but I can see how they'd work spread thinly through the units.

  2. Hey Fimm. They are a lot more muscled than I'd like, I imagine fimir to be a tad softer. The heads could be more tapered, and lose the nostrils, but for the variety in pose they give the unit I'm willing to forgive them.


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