Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fimir - Femo, the Chained Cyclops

I spotted this fellow on Greebo Miniatures, who produce some really fantastic Blood Bow... ah, I mean Fantasy Football miniatures. Being a bit of a Blood Bowl fan, I was perusing the undead team, and in particular the amazing wights, when I saw this new release, Femo, the chained cyclops. Now, I might be a bit fimir-centric these days, but to me, he seems very much like a rather large and somewhat obtuse looking fimir, with his big rock on his back and all. I mean, 'Femo'? It's pretty blatant. I'm sore tempted to pick him up, either as a filler for my second fimm unit, or as a standard/musician for a fianna fimm unit. Perhaps a little sculpting around the eye might be in order, but essentially, as he is. I can already feel a back-story for the big rock bubbling away.

What do folks think? Is one mad?

Wayland Games

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