Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fimir - Femo, the Chained Cyclops

I spotted this fellow on Greebo Miniatures, who produce some really fantastic Blood Bow... ah, I mean Fantasy Football miniatures. Being a bit of a Blood Bowl fan, I was perusing the undead team, and in particular the amazing wights, when I saw this new release, Femo, the chained cyclops. Now, I might be a bit fimir-centric these days, but to me, he seems very much like a rather large and somewhat obtuse looking fimir, with his big rock on his back and all. I mean, 'Femo'? It's pretty blatant. I'm sore tempted to pick him up, either as a filler for my second fimm unit, or as a standard/musician for a fianna fimm unit. Perhaps a little sculpting around the eye might be in order, but essentially, as he is. I can already feel a back-story for the big rock bubbling away.

What do folks think? Is one mad?


  1. Nice, the style of the model is a bit different from your others though no?
    He's a much more chubby/rounded individual (especially in the face) than your current fimir. Would the armour plating look out of place too?

  2. He looks a bit out of proportion with a fimir to me and doesn't (so far as I can see) have a tail.

  3. That is one ugly model (and not in a good way). It would taker an awful lot of work to make him fit in with the rest of your models which look great.

  4. Quite like him but the lower jaw and upper lip aren't massively fimiry. I'm sure your greenstuff skills would be up to the job though!

    His ape-like stance might look a little odd too?

  5. I like it, add a tail and he's ready

  6. Thanks all. He IS very different from what my regular fimm look like. I think he'd look better as a filler in a fimm unit. He looks to me like an aberration, a deformed fianna fimm that might not be much more intelligent than an animal, herded into battle by the fimm.

    I forgot about the tail! Of course I'd have to add that, perhaps a hood, some other nips and tucks to the head, fill the eye so there's no pupil, add some tattoos, paint the armour more like beaten bronze, and maybe...


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