Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drifting Orcs and Imperial Reconsidering

I know, odd title. It'll all make sense though.

I'm quite the hunter of Warhammer books, old army books, scenario packs and so on. I have quite a haul at this stage, but every so often I come across something special. I have an especial fondness for the publication of the 80's, they remind me of the early days of my obsessions, and give me a happy little glow. Recently one of these little gems, the book (sadly not the whole box) from Bloodbath at Orc's Drift came into my possession. I've been following Thantsants exploits with Orc's Drift on Somewhere the Tea's Getting Cold for some time, and very much enjoying it. StTGC is a site of pure win. To that end, purusing through the book is a whirlwind of pure nostalgia, Gary Chalk's art is wonderful to the point I get a little misty eyed. Anyhow, I hope to follow in Thantsants footsteps and re-fight the scenarios, though with a little less devotion to the original rules and minis!

In other news, having had a better look at the new Empire miniatures from Games Workshop, I have softened in my opinion somewhat. I still think the luminark looks daft, but they others, they grow on me.

There, I've changed my mind. A man's allowed to do that, you know.


  1. This was one of my first WFB purchases back in the day... and still one of my favorites. My box is quite beaten up from being moved across the country a couple of times but I'll never give it up!


  2. Great to hear from another Drifter - promise I'll finish that "little" project off soon! Very excited to see what you're going to make of it - its an absolute classic.

    Talking of Gary Chalk - I've harboured a long unfulfilled desire to game the Lone Wolf stories on the table top - maybe someday... ;)

  3. It's a gem alright. I doubt my take on it will have the scope of yours, but it'll be fun to give it a go!


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