Tuesday, November 6, 2012

H&A Castle - Update 3

The castle is now finished, thank the powers. It was quite a haul, but looking at it now, there will be many years of entertainment had fighting over this place. A very nice kit, with plenty of detail. The drawbridge has some chain and pins that come with it, presumably to attach it, but I'll leave that to the fellow I painted it for, as I can't fathom how they are put together. I suspect that one or more of the pins are missing. A small quibble though, as with frequent use it will be far more convenient to be able to easily lift the drawbridge when needed. Here are some more pictures of the finished model.


  1. Corr, that's a beast. Well done for having the staying power!

  2. An absolutely awe-inspiring centerpiece for your games. Time to break out Warhammer Siege for a few games I'm thinking. Now there's a bat-rep I'd love to see. Excellent for your Mighty Empires campaign as well.

  3. Thanks folks. I'm a big siege fan, and I do like the new Blood in the Badlands rules, although the General's Compendium has great siege rules too. It should prove very useful in the campaign, as we're coming to the endgame, and there are capitals to burn...

  4. This is a great castle. First one I've seen done with actual buildings on the inside rather than just being a curtainwall.

    1. It makes it look a lot more realistic. All the roof sections come off the buildings and towers and all have interiors which has made for some interesting situations. 'Where's that orc warlord got to? He appears to be taking tea in the main hall with your grandmother m'lud.'


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