Friday, November 2, 2012

Still Alive! - Two Years of Mumbling

Today marks the 2nd birthday of the mumblings. Yes, it's been two years I've been disgorging my internal hobby monologue onto this here blog, and there's plenty of mildy bewildered obsessive rambling left in there, let me tell you. My, how the time flies.

My thanks to all those who deemed it not only prudent, but a vital part of their hobby universe to follow the mumblings. I trust you have enjoyed the self-indulgent tirade thus far, for I certainly have. To that end, I shall continue to bang on about whatever I deem of interest at the time. Right now, it's getting that faaaaakkkkinnnggg castle done (only the drawbridge left now, so close...) and getting back to my beloved Cyclopean bog-dwellers. I got big plans for the next few units, yessir, big plans. Getting the half-dead off the skids and onto the paint table, a horde of human tribesmen complete with mythical Celtic monsters, warp-spasming fianna fimm, the rather intimidating daemonmaniac, the list, she goes on. I'll let my good pal and occasional drinking buddy Pinhead say it best.

Wayland Games

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