Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fimir - Half Dead & Fimir Character

I've been having a lot of fun with files, saws, clippers and greenstuff of late. I love assembling and converting models, I must say. Here above from right to left we have another half-dead, the half-dead unit champion, Sreng, and Avagdu, a deformed shearl who carries a possessed wyrdstone on his back containing the soul of a former meargh. He'll be a low level wizard in the game. I've been wanting to put him together for a while now. He's a mad model, I'm looking forward to painting him up.

I used the solder pen again on the half-dead to add lesions and melt out his abdomen. Works great. He'll be test model number two, so he should be done sometime next week.


  1. Looks promising as always. Looking forward seeing them painted :)

  2. hi mate,

    I just nominated your blog to have the Liebster award! Check my blog for the details.


    1. Thanks very much indeed sir, very kind of you!


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