Monday, November 5, 2012

Fimir - Half Dead Update 2

So! The monumental castle is done (pics later on) and with barely a moment to switch paint for modelling tools I barrelled right into the half-dead unit I've been eyeing forlornly for the last few weeks. Folks may recall this guy as the first half-dead model I mocked up some time ago. Here he is, once again, though now assembled and with a re-built shoulder and other small green stuff clean-ups. He's going to be the test model, so I'll be painting him up as soon as the green stuff cures.

The biggest problem with him was removing the integral base that Mantic models come with. I had a notion to try a soldering iron to melt it off. Boy, did that work well. A couple of seconds and the base was evaporated by the solder iron leaving only his feet. Now, there's a couple of things with this. The iron is super hot and produces fumes from the melting plastic, and if you touch it, the burn is super nasty. I also used it to add more holes to his flesh, for which it works perfectly. I can see this being used to zombify models by melting flesh, hollowing out eyes and adding ragged holes and stringy flesh. The iron is now firmly in my hobby tool set.

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