Friday, October 4, 2013

ACK ACK! Mantic Mars Attacks Kickstarter

After twenty minutes the Mars Attacks Kickstarter went live it's funded and as I write the first stretch goal is down. That's pretty fast work. The basic set contains a 2'x2' gaming matt, plastic ruins, eight Martian grunts and eight US soldiers as well as four special characters, 1 Martian, 3 human. Dice, rules, cards and counters finish off the boxed game. With the $100 pledge you also get $50 to spend on core add ons, more human or Martian troops, or more scenery. I imagine this will expand as the kickstarter goes on. I look forward to seeing saucers, giant robots, mutant bugs and more human forces, as well as hopefully more special characters.


  1. Just what we need, another Martian game! Timed that wrong then didn't I...

    1. Not at all, you're just getting in on the Martian mania at the ground floor. I hear good things about you own offering!

  2. I've not wargamed in years, but this looks perfect for what I want in a game- a decent sized, self contained skirmish :)


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