Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fimir - Fianna Fimm Started

While I'm waiting for some more 25mm bases to arrive, I've started another fimir unit, the fianna fimm, which will play as chaos ogres. I have the first two assembled and ready for paint, the champion and a regular fianna fimm warrior. I'm delighted to finally work on them, they've been in the box for some time, and it took an age of man to get a six man unit together in the first place! Four more to go.

Below is the fianna fimm compared to the fimm. As you can see, the converted savage orc is taller than the old Nick Bibby sculpts, and the Bloodmoon bog raider is taller again, though the Bibby fimir are quite hunched, and a tad bulkier. I'm happy with them though, the mix gives a ragtag feel, compared to a disciplined army.

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