Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fimir - Hooded Fimm Champion

My second Fimm champion, this time a little more involved. When I saw the new savage orc plastics, I thought they were sent from on high. Large areas of flesh, slightly hunched (as opposed to the regular orcs, which are too hunched, imo) lots of tribal style weapons and clothing. Perfect for converting to fimir.

After cleaning the parts, I attached the body to another Microart Studio swamp base. A little greenstuff, and he's sitting on it nicely. I shaved back the neck to the shoulders and sculpted on the new hooded head. There's never been a hooded fimir model, plus it helps conceal the join. I'll have to sculpt in all the neck musculature on the musician and others though. Time to dig out those anatomy books. I used instant mould to help with the face. it's taken from the only human scale fimir in existence, the limited edition from the 1980s. Great stuff, nothing sticks to it, the part comes out nice and clean. Then an old buckler as a belly shield.

Next up, his tail. Chaos spawn set to the rescue here, there are a number of parts that suit. As a fimm, he has a mace tail, and thankfully there's a couple of those on the chaos spawn sprue. Some weapons, most likely the bone ones, which match nicely to the old ogre-sized fimir nobles, who also in some cases carry bone weapons. More shots when he's finished.


  1. Colour me impressed. That is a lot of work mrsat. Keep the updates coming, I want to see this guy as he gets painted.


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