Monday, April 18, 2011

Fimir - Releasing the Beast

I had a profound little hobby moment last night. Having based the first of my fianna fimm, I decided to base the unit champion next. Searching through my stash of original Nick Bibby fimir, I found the mini I was looking for. The fimir in question was still in his original blister pack, meaning he's been trapped in a little bubble of the 1980's for about 25 years. Dabbing away the misty-eyed wave of nostalgia that descended, I took up the scalpel to open the pack. I took a moment before I broke the seal, aware I was consigning to history another little memento of the golden age of Citadel miniatures. Sniff.

Still! He's based now, a little greenstuff and he and his mate will be ready for a picture or two. I'm sure he'll enjoy the 21st century.


  1. He was trapped in a little plastic tomb and you freed him! Gave him "life"!

  2. Sniff. Had a similar moment a few weeks ago having found one still blister-packed on ebay. I slit the back very carefully with a scalpel so as not damage too much that piece of Citadel history!


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