Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fimir - Standard Bearer Assembled

Here's the last member of the first rank, the standard bearer. He's not totally finished, he needs some facial work to add a scar and perhaps lose a tooth, and a couple of small touches to his ragged hood. The tail on this one was more problematic, as the rear of the body has a mail loincloth. There was a handy space where the tail could sneak out the side though, also helping with ranking. I'm waiting on some more bases from Microart Studios before I can get into the next rank, so I may start on the larger Fimir in the meantime.

This is a shot of all the fimir assembled so far. You can see a Bloodmoon bog raider at the back there too, who I'll sprinkle throughout the unit for some variety. With 25% of the first unit assembled, (I've a fifth fimir painted) I'm feeling a lot better about this project.


  1. I really like the work you've done with this guy. With the green stuff showing up so brightly, the hood makes it look like he has a giant head (especially from the rear) but I guess that'll all be fine with some paint. I am looking forward to seeing this lot ranked up and painted.

  2. Cheers folks. I'm rather looking forward to seeing them done and painted too. I've been ruminating over starting this project for so long it's a bit surreal actually getting into it.

    I'm waiting on some bases, so in the meantime I think I'll start on the larger fimir.

  3. And then there were three... :)
    They look great. Any chance of some higher resolution photos? When I click on the ones above they come out a tad small.

  4. Cheers dude. Five now, the warband grows. Once I have them painted up I'll do some higher resolution shots.


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