Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fimir - Half Dead Update 10, the Slaver

I've spent some time lately with the less glamorous work involved with the army, most notably movement trays. I'm really happy with the resin trays I'm using, they look great, but man, are they boring to paint. They even need tufts, moss pads and water effects added.

Once I was done with the latest tray, I'd nearly turned myself off painting moss, mud and heather for life. I decided a little painting remuneration was in order. I've been looking forward to painting the unit filler for the half dead for a while, the fimm slaver, so I decided he was next up. Ironically, he is on a very detailed base, with an abundance of moss, mud... and... ah... heather. But there were spiders and mushrooms too, so all was well.

Anyhow, here he is! Now I return to painting up some more of his leathery charges.


  1. Nice job, love the gold bits and the water effect.
    And of course, the heather =)

  2. Needz moar hevver!!!

    Nice one - this unit is going to look fantastic.

  3. As always, am in awe as to how much work you put into this army.. top shelf job here indeed! Congrats!

  4. Nice model - very well done.


  5. The slaver is great...but the base is mind blowing! its worth all the extra effort you are putting in my friend...don't lose site of the ultimate goal! and keep up the AMAZING work.

  6. Do you use Ogre Kingdoms rules for these?

  7. Nope, warriors of chaos. The fimm are chaos warriors, the half dead chosen. The wyrms will be skullcrushers. The larger fianna fimm will be ogres.

    1. Where do you get your backstory info on these guys?

    2. A good chunk of it is from Warpstone 25, the fimir special. There was an insane level of detail on the fimir in that. The rest is a combination of Irish mythology and whatever leaps out of my head.


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