Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fimir - Late Night Wyrms

It's a late one here at the mumblings. Having had a fairly marathon day of modelling and painting with me aould pal Craig of Blog of Grudges, we've settled into the wee hours with a combination of fimir monstrous cavalry construction and dwarf warrior batch painting, which we've helped along with one or two sherries*.

I've managed to finally put together the first of my marlwyrm riders (skullcrushers). I had a devil of a time deciding what kind of saddle arrangement you could put on a worm, finally settling on a rough hide thrown over it's back and pretty much nailed in place. I added some assorted extras to the saddle, mostly taken from ogre sprues. There's so many lovely bits of those sprues, from buckets of guts to a pig water-skin. I had some Celtic-style shields from Scibor one of which finally found a home here too.

Only three more to go...

The indefatigable Craig has been churning out great weapon-wielding dwarves, all ready for some dip bar a few bits and bobs. A very productive day, all in all.

* for sherries, see beer.

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