Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wargaming Ireland - Tale of Wired Gamers

 Welcome to the first article in the A Tale of Wired Gamers. All the participants have set themselves the goal of building and painting a new army over the next several months. We aim to post every week with our progress but for week one I’ll allow the participants to introduce themselves and their projects.

Recently I threw my hat into the ring and joined the Tale of Wired Gamers on Wargaming Ireland in an effort to keep myself as motivated as possible. I'm still really enjoying putting the fimir army together, but it helps immensely to have the odd external deadline to whup my ass yet further. In addition to this, Wired is an indispensable resource for the Irish wargaming community, and anything to add content is a good idea. There's some great folks in the Tale of Wired Gamers challenge, and it's well worth following to see how it all pans out. Personally, I now have until NWG in September to get the army up to 2,400 points. If I don't make it, it's a one way ticket to shametown.

On that note, the next three half-dead are now on the table. Here's a wip. The musician is one of my favourite members of the unit, with his big Celtic horn. Ahem. There's another eight to go once these lads are done, then it's time for another character.

Half-dead production line.

Wayland Games

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