Friday, March 1, 2013

Fimir - Reinforcements!

I've had some bits and pieces arrive for the fimir project in the last couple of weeks, which gives me the components I need to assemble some more of the units. I'm still painting unit fillers, so in the meantime I've been mocking up some new models.

Some very old school chaos warhounds for my two hounds units. I originally used Warlord Games Celt mastiffs, but in the end they proved too small, so these guys were my next port of call. Some of them are mutated, but I've worked that into the background, so all is well. They look a lot better than the mastiffs, and I need only one more dog to have two units worth. I've given both units a handler to make them a little more interesting.

Three more bile worms from Gribbly Miniatures gives me enough to field a unit of four Marlwyrms (count as skullcrushers). The are still riderless, but you can see one mock-up I did for a rider below. I also found some rather nice large Celtic style shields to give the riders some higher standard equipment than the regular fimm. Some new bases and trays from Base-X-of-War complete the haul.

I did also pick up a box of forsaken, and I've been having a great time with the multitude of bits on these sprues to put together more warped ones (count as forsaken). I'm still in two minds about how many of these I want to make, but it'll probably be about eighteen, despite the emerging opinion of running them in small chaff-hunter units. I may learn the hard way here. They're just too much fun to assemble.

There's lots of very useful bits in this kit, from individual pieces of armour, lots of heads, mutated bits, and so on. A great kit to make a variety of chaos units more interesting, or in my case, warp-spasming fimm warriors.

Wayland Games

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