Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warbases - Great Gaming Accessories

I've recently been looking for a company that will make custom acrylic counters for my fimir army to represent the many and various effects that can befall them during a game, as in the heat of battle I can often forget anything and everything up to and including my name and where I am. I had considered Litko, but their custom counters are pretty expensive, though the variety is huge.

Conveniently enough, I got a tip off today of a company that does exactly what I wanted, Warbases. They will make counters in a variety of shapes and colours with custom text, and for only €0.35 a counter. Perfecto, that's me sorted.

I was perusing the rest of the site, and it turns out to be a little gaming accessory treasure trove. Laser cut buildings at much cheapness, bases, movement trays, shield sets and a pile of other bits and pieces. Very useful stuff indeed. One upcoming thing did catch my eye, and that was the boats they have coming up soon.

They look pretty good even from this wee preview, especially if the pricing is in line with the buildings. It's pretty hard to get decent boats that don't cost a bomb in 28mm. I'm very much looking forward to the Viking knarr for a few reasons. In the background I'm following for the fimir, they use black longships to raid the coasts and river-sides, and I'd love to have one for a raid scenario. Even as a piece of custom terrain they would rock. I've also always fancied a bit of naval warhammer at 28mm, and these would be the job. Added to that, I'm getting very interested in SAGA, and these would be the ticket for a raiding force of Vikings or Normans. I'll be waiting for the release of these lads with considerable relish.

Wayland Games

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