Friday, March 22, 2013

Themed Gaming Accessories

As the fimir project is ticking along nicely now, recently my mind wandered to all the accoutrements I'd like to add to it to keep the theme running. The most obvious one was dice. Having found the appropriate fimir icon I wanted, I contacted The Dice Shop, and they made some snazzy custom dice up for me.

Next up was somewhere to put said dice. I had my eye out for a nice dice bag with something to connect it to the army. I finally found a perfect leather dice bag with a single eye on it at Abbot Hollow Studios on Etsy. Etsy is a dangerous site, and will relieve you of all your money in no time flat. Randy from Abbot Hollow is very accommodating and he is super fast in sending out your stuff. Definitely worth a look for dice bags as well as other leathery goodness. Not cheap, but not crazy expensive either.

As I use the warriors of chaos list, I'm making some counters to show the effects of the eye of the gods table, forsaken table and all the other tables and effects that can happen in game. They are nice enough, simple laminated prints, but I'm keeping an eye out for someone who makes custom made counters.

There's other ways you can spread the theme of the army to the accessories, the army display board which I talked about recently is an obvious way, as well as custom terrain. Some folks even have little army background sheets that they present with the army when on display at tourneys. One thing strikes me, nobody makes gaming themed tape measures, Games Workshop excepted, and anybody I've missed. Bit of a niche in the market there. Even some kind of cover for a measure themed to the generic races would be cool.

So, how far do you go with adding the extra little accessories to your army? Do you even care? Seems if you go to the trouble of assembling, converting and painting the army, it's a small extra step!

Wayland Games

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