Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fimir - Deciding on Characters

I'm doing a few tests for character colours at the moment. Having already done the meargh and been very happy with her colour scheme, I decided to use the turquoise and purple used on her for the higher ranking characters in the army. As pretty much nobody knows what a fimir character looks like, I need a way for my opponents to know who is what as well as making them obviously of higher status.

Purple with turquoise would be for the lords, Mistmor and Flaithmor, and then just turquoise for the heroes, Flaith and Finmor. I think I'll also add some turquoise cloaks and bits to elite troops like the marlwyrm riders, fianna fimm and so on. With the army having a very earthy palette, it needs some of these tones, along with the leystones and shields to lift the models a little. The half dead in particular needed some contrasting focal points to make them pop, the shields and glowing eyes being the device to do just that.

As to characters, I have some decisions to make. I have a converted battle standard Flaithmor in the works, a shearl wizard primed, as well as the finished meargh. Next up I think a Flaith using Jervis Johnson's original fimir, as he kind of has to be in the army somewhere. I want to convert a human scale dirach, which I'm using this model as the basis for. Take off the head and give him a horned dirach hooded head, change the staff some and he should look groovy.

I want to include some of the larger dirach too so I had an idea to use one as Throg. It seems appropriate for a dirach to be leading a unit of fenbeasts (trolls), and gives me an excuse to paint up the Nick Bibby dirach with the staff.

I do want to add the other dirach and nobles in too, at some point. The nobles, along with the Forge World fimir, are destined for a unit of eight to act as ogres, or actual fimir from monstrous arcana. The second large dirach might end up on a converted war shrine.

So, the characters should be pretty identifiable amongst the cyclopean horde. I guess I could always stick them on a big rock too, if all else fails...

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