Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fimir - Marlwyrm Riders, Update 2

I've pretty much finished the rider. It's a little hard the to see the work with the ink shining on him like oil on a body builder. He'll be matted up soon enough. I do rather like how the shield is turning out, the detail takes washes lovely.

I'm cautiously applying the base coat to the worm. I'll probably use this scheme, or a variation on it on all the wormy guys in the army, so I need to get it right. I think the fleshy tones for the main body and a lighter version for the underbelly have potential. I was afraid of him washing out, so I chose the yellowy green for the pustules. Originally I was going for very dark green, but I think it needs some brighter colours to pop. I'll probably highlight this up to almost pure yellow. The gums and tongue will be red/purple with a gloss varnish. Not 100% on the tongue, but purple is the idea thus far.

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